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                                                           EL ENCUENTRO RETURNS ! 
After 15 long months of being shuttered we are beyond happy to announce that our doors will reopen at 9:00pm  on Saturday, June 19th.  It will be a night full of love, joy and surprises!  Pre-paid reservations are a must so please pay the $25 by one of these three options: 
Venmo: The Tango Room Dance Center@TangoRoom
Paypal: Room 
Up-to-date Covid protocols will be respected.


Every Saturday night of the year, (since 1999) The Tango Room in Sherman Oaks, CA magically transforms into the tango nightclub, El Encuentro (The Encounter).  


El Encuentro is a 21-year tradition where happiness reigns.  The longest running consecutively presented milonga in Los Angeles, El Encuentro celebrated it's 1,000th Saturday night on July 21, 2018.  Hosted by Buenos Aires-born Angel Echeverria and his partner, Julie Friedgen, El Encuentro offers a warm, intimate atmosphere, an excellent dance floor, a generous "dancers" buffet, always great music  and dancing till the wee hours.  More often than not, the dancing continues past 3am.  At least two times a month there is a performance by professional dancers.  All the legendary dancers of Tango have performed at El Encuentro from Miguel Angel Zotto, to Chicho Frumboli to Guillermina Quiroga to Gavito, Daniel Juarez & Alejandra Armenti, Julio Balmaceda and oh so many more. The all-level tango class offered before the milonga begins is always taught by professional dancers.  People come to El Encuentro from around the world because of its reputation.  When you step into The Tango Room and El Encuentro it feels as though Buenos Aires is just outside the door.  Te esperamos!

Tango class & milonga $30   

Milonga only $25 

Reservations are strongly suggested.  You can use the contact link below or send us a message on our Facebook page - El Encuentro @ The Tango Room, or even the old-fashioned way by calling us at (818) 981-6500.   We are often busy teaching so just leave a message on the voice mail with your name, number of seats you want and a phone number which we'll only use if we have a problem honoring your reservation.


Free Parking in well-lighted lots in front of and behind The Tango Room. If you find you need to double-park in the south lot (the one closest to Ventura Blvd) we have signs you can put on your dashboard to let the other car know you are in The Tango Room.

At 10:00 PM, once class is finished, we shut the drapes in the front of the Tango Room and use the back door (south parking lot) as El Encuentro's entrance.  There is a bright canopy over the back door.  You can't miss it!

We make every effort to make your night with us the best ever!


"…As a longtime tanguero who has traveled the world over, I feel at home here".
- Pocho N., Buenos Aires

"…this is one of the two best milongas in the USA." 
- Mike R., Santa Barbara


"…one of the best milongas I have been to in North America"
- Julio B., Buenos Aires, Argentina


"Congratulations. This place reminds me of tango in Montevideo and Buenos Aires" 
- Ernesto M., Montevideo & Beverly Hills


"…the music here is as good if not better than in Buenos Aires. "
- Edmundo T., Buenos Aires, Argentina


"Word gets around…this is one great milonga"
- Sharuk, Boston


"A totally unexpected surprise" 
- Kara Wenger, Chicago


"I love this place!"
- Pablo S., Sao Paulo, Brazil


"Always great energy and vibes here" 
- Bronwen H., Montreal, Canada


"A fun and genuine place. I never miss it when I am in town"
- Loreen A., New York


"I always find interesting music and great people to dance with."
- Dave B., Montana


"It is fantastic what you have created here" 
- Coco D., Paris, France


"You and Angel have created something incredible, you are the true heart of LA tango community. Besides your love for the dance and the music, your knowledge and understanding of its subtleties, and your ability to bring   the very best on the floor of the Tango room -- which in itself is an amazing combination-The Tango Room itself is a magical space."
- Guest, Dec. 2012


"Dear Julie and Angel, although we couldn't be there last Saturday night, I can imagine your beautiful space... already full of love.. going to, yet again, a new dimension! That's what happens when so much love, creativity and caring go into a room... not to mention the hard work you do... that appears effortless of your part. You and Angel are magical."
- Guest, Dec. 2012


Here's a lovely commentary from the blog of one of our guest: "El Encuentro All Night Milonga"
- Gmagni, Feb. 2016

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