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Boot Camp April 22 2023 FB post.jpg

Our March  Boot Camp was the most fun ever.  We had a great group of enthusiastic people with great energy.   One thing they asked was if they repeated the boot camp, would they be doing the same thing again.  While we feel one can never repeat the basics enough, we understand how people also want to move forward.  So for participants who do the boot camp again, we will give them new things to do.  

If you've never danced in your life, this boot camp will change that!  We give you the basic elements,  technique and steps of authentic Argentine tango so that at the end of the three hours, you are dancing tango.
Only $50 for three hours that just might change your life.
To prepay and reserve your spot, these are the options: (home page)
Venmo: @TangoRoom

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