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The Tango Room Dance Center

in Sherman Oaks CA


Rich in tradition but always fresh


One does not have to travel to Buenos Aires to find great, authentic Argentine Tango classes.

The Tango Conservatory of Los Angeles (TCLA) is the premier school in Los Angeles dedicated to the teaching of the art of Argentine Tango.   Weekly classes and workshops for all levels are offered for those who have never stepped onto a dance floor to highly-skilled advanced dancers who have been studying tango for years.


Our staff of experienced teachers and performers are names recognized around the world and respected for their achievements and quality of teaching.  TCLA's well-structured syllabus is created to give each student the opportunity to work at a level that is both challenging and fun.

Argentine Tango is more than a dance.  It is a reflection of that country’s history, its people, its customs.  It is one of  the most emotionally profound, most complex of the social dances. 


The rewards of becoming a social tango dancer are self-confidence, awareness easier connection with others and, last but definitely not least, a richer social life.                  


People all around the world, from all walks of life dance tango. 


Argentine Tango is the international language you speak with your body.


Our  Philosophy is that each student deserves respect and attention.  Argentine Tango is a never-ending series of discoveries, about oneself, one's partner, and about life.  It is our privilege to both guide and accompany students on this life-changing journey. 


Our Goal is to give students a deep proficiency in social tango.  To help students experience the moment that when the dance works, neither leader nor follower is conscious of the physical.  Argentine tango is a wonderful conversation of clear communication and response.  The partners feel as though they are breathing together and the dance is their breath.


What we ask of our students is to return the respect by taking the framework of lessons seriously and realize that dancing steps without an understanding of the whole process is a hollow exercise.  Being able to dance steps is just the beginning.  The real work is in adding one's self.


Ultimately, Argentine tango like jazz is improvised.  Tango like jazz is based on solid structure.   Each student is creating personal expression.  We ask students to be patient with the process.  There is no shortcut to learning Argentine Tango. 


We invite you to step away from the ordinary patter of life and step into the Tango Conservatory of Los Angeles (TCLA). 


Angel Echeverria and Juliette Friedgen

Founders and Directors


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